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Welcome to the Department of Health and Senior Services online Test Bank for Certified Medical Technicians. From this website, Missouri CMT instructors may print tests for students seeking CMT certification.

This test will assess students on all 52 learner objectives established in the revised CMT Manual released in July 2005 and updated in July 2008 by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, CMT Manual Revision Committee Members and the Missouri Center for Career Education. The CMT manual, the CMT Test Bank website and the Test Bank questions were developed by the Missouri Center for Career Education under a grant from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Please enter your login ID and personal information on the next page to set your password for the testbank. All instructors/examiners must have signed a CMT Instructor/Examiner Agreement with DHSS to use the online test bank system. You should have received a copy of this agreement along with your unique Login ID number from DHSS.

If you need a copy of the CMT Instructor/Examiner Agreement, click here. If you mailed your Instructor/Examiner Agreement more than three weeks ago and you have not received a Login ID from DHSS, please contact a Health Education Unit staff member at (573)522-6203 or (573)526-8528.

Remember: Do not allow anyone else to use your login ID or password. You are responsible for any activity associated with your login. If you suspect that someone else may know your login and password, please contact DHSS or MCCE immediately.

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