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Contact Information - DHSS & MCCE

Many questions Certified Medication Technician instructors may have about the CMT online test bank system can be answered by staff at the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Questions about the functioning of the online system itself, or reports of errors in the system, should be directed to the Missouri Center for Career Education.

Questions for DHSS should be directed to:
Health Education Unit
Health Education Unit
Department of Health and Senior Services
920 Wildwood
P.O. Box 570
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Questions for MCCE should be directed to:
Michael Pantleo
(660) 543-8627
Career and Technical Education
Lovinger 4200 A
University of Central Missouri
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Questions appropriate for DHSS:
- I am a CMT instructor, but I do not have an ID. How do I get one?
- I signed and returned my contract, but I cannot log in to the system. Why not?
- I have attempted to change my name and/or address on the system, but it hasn't changed. What can I do to correct this information?
- My student information was wrong when I printed the tests. How do I correct it?

Questions and concerns appropriate for MCCE:
- I have an Internet connection, but this website will not work on my computer.
- My computer and printer are working, but my tests do not print properly.
- I can log in to the system, but it will not let me print tests.
- I typed student information into the system, but it disappeared.
- I have a correct ID number, but I cannot get through the first-time login process.
- This website does not display correctly on my computer.
- I received a notice indicating a PHP parsing error.